Christian Peco

AI-related Expertise Topics

  • Phase-field Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning for Constrained Interactive Networks
  • AI for Soft Robotics

AI-related Projects

  • Project/Proposal Title: From Zombie Ants to Constrained Interactive Networks
    Source of Support: College of Engineering, Penn State
  • Project/Proposal Title: Particle reinforced ice as a tunable acoustic couplant
    Source of Support: National Science Foundation

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Christian Peco
Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics



The Center for Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Engineered Systems (CAFE), pronounced café, brings together expertise from 75 researchers representing 24 academic units across Penn State with the goal of developing cross-disciplinary interactions. The center’s focus is on accelerating advances by synergistically advancing AI foundations and the techniques to deploy them efficiently toward applications focused on engineered and defense systems. CAFE provides opportunities for research partnerships, faculty/student recruitment, and technology transition to practice.

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