Swaroop Ghosh

AI-related Expertise Topics

  • Artificial intelligence for drug discovery and autonomous systems
  • Quantum machine learning
  • Machine learning accelerators
  • Non-volatile memories for learning

Externally Funded AI Projects

  • NSF Convergence Accelerator – Track C: SQAI: Scalable Quantum Artificial Intelligence for Discovery; PI: Swaroop Ghosh; Co-PI: Nitin Samarth; Sean Hallgren; Mahmut Taylan Kandemir Date:09/15/2020; Award Amount: $960,000.00



Related Publications

  • J. Li, Alam, Mahabubul, Congzhau Sha, Jian Wang, Nikolay Dokholyan and S. Ghosh, “Drug Discovery Approaches using Quantum Machine Learning”, IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2021
  • Junde Li and Swaroop Ghosh, 2020, "Quantum-soft QUBO Suppression for Accurate Object Detection", pp. 12
  • Mahabubul Alam, Abdullah Ash Saki and Swaroop Ghosh, 2020, "Accelerating Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm using Machine Learning", pp. 6
  • Abdullah Ash Saki, Mahabubul Alam and Swaroop Ghosh, 2020, "Improving Reliability of Quantum True Random Number Generator using Machine Learning", pp. 6
  • Junde Li, Abdullah Ash Saki, Mahabubul Alam and Swaroop Ghosh, 2020, "Hierarchical Improvement of Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm for Object Detection", pp. 6
  • Dongyeb Shin, Jongsun Park and Swaroop Ghosh, 2019, "Sensitivity based Error Resilient Techniques for Energy Efficient Deep Neural Network Accelerators", pp. 6
  • Sina Sayyah and Swaroop Ghosh, 2019, "In-Memory Floating Point Computations for Autonomous Systems", pp. 8

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Swaroop Ghosh
Joseph R. and Janice M. Monkowski Career Development Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science



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